How to Contact Netent Casino

By 19 January 2021

In the course of gambling, you might want to get in touch with Netent casinos for one reason or another. These reasons include redeeming casino offers and help to open accounts. This guide provides you with the information you need to contact Netent casino sites such as

Reasons for Contacting Netent

Netent offers several offers to gamblers such as free spins on specific slots. These free spins may or may not be tied to the initial deposit. For instance, the adayinhollywoodanightintheukraine offer gives players no deposit free spins which they can play and win real money.

You could have difficulties redeeming your offer or have constructive feedback about a Netent game that you would like to communicate with the company. Netent is always ready to assist its clients and to receive feedback. The following are channels you can use to contact the casino.

Write an Email to the Support Team

When you open the Netent casinos' website, go to the contact page. This page contains a contact form where you can enter your details such as name, email and message. When you click the 'Send Message' button, your feedback or query is sent to Netent.

If you intend to send a detailed email with attachments, you can forward your message to [email protected] Sending a direct message from your email allows you to track your communication with Netent. This is highly beneficial especially if there need to do a follow up in the future.

Contacting Netent for Business

If you wish to contact Netent for other reasons such as investment or sales, there are specific contacts available at the company website. This ensures that your requests go to the right people. This way you can get fast response to your concerns. Here are the contacts:

For work-related, general information, press and press issues you can also call +46 8 57854500. You can then request to be directed to the right person who will address your issue. The benefit of making a phone is that you get an instant response to your request.


Engaging Netent Casinos on Instagram

If you are an Instagram user, you can keep yourself updated on the activities of Netent casinos by visiting their account -netentcasino_official. You can also opt to follow the company's gaming software development page on Instagram -netentofficial. This will give you additional information about Netent.

There are various way to can contact Netent on this platform. For instance, you can comment on their posts and offer relevant feedback on several issues shared by Netent. You can also send direct messages on instances where you need a specific issue to be addressed.

Engaging Netent Casinos on Other Social Media Platforms

Netent has other social media accounts bot as Netent casinos and Netent. These platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It is important to note that each of these channels has specific ways of sharing information. It is wise to know which channel to use depending on your needs.

For instance, LinkedIn works well for business purposes such as sales, work and investment queries. On the other hand, Twitter would be great for sharing information for public consumption such as feedback on game performance. Therefore, choose the appropriate channel to communicate with Netent depending on your needs.